How To Properly Season Your Meat

How To Properly Season Your Meat

If you ever had to second guess what “season to taste” really means, how much salt is enough, do you season both sides, your friends here at Paisano’s are here to help!


Choosing the right type of salt is the first step in the process. Kosher salt, which has a coarser grain than table salt, is easier to disperse evenly across the meat and is able to really grab on to the surface. Since the kosher salt has larger flakes, one tablespoon has the sodium equivalent to one teaspoon of table salt. This allows you to liberally enhance the flavor of your meat without over salting, as table salt can quickly do. We suggest sticking to kosher salt for all seasoning – any kosher salt will work!


The next step is to figure out which flavor profile you want from your black pepper. If you’re looking for that split-second hot bite of pepper, waiting to season your meat until right before it’s sliced is exactly what you’ll want to do instead of before cooking. To tone down that signature black pepper flavor, season liberally with it before you sear the meat, as heat softens the flavor and its impact on the dish as a whole.


Here at Paisano’s, we recommend seasoning your meat first, then beginning to prep your meal. As salt pulls some of the moisture away from the surface, you can obtain that seared crust on steaks and extra-crispy chicken skin that you enjoy at your favorite restaurants right at home. It works best to season and then leave the meat at room temperature, as it will be cooked afterward.


The Technique:

  1. Make sure the meat is dry – pat lightly with paper towel on all sides
  2. Sprinkle salt on all sides from at least 12 inches away. Use your hands as you are looking for an even single layer of salt. You can use about 1 teaspoon of kosher salt per pound of meat.
    1. When cooking with skin-on poultry, season gently with your hand between the skin and the meat, doing your best to create an even layer of seasoning. This simple trick can make a big difference for your meal!
  3. Grind black pepper freshly and evenly onto meat. If you’re looking for that toned-down flavor as discussed above, wait to do this step right before slicing the cooked meat
  4. Allow seasoning to sit and rest on meat at room temperature


Once your meat is cooked, don’t forget to let it rest for about 3 minutes. After slicing, you can sprinkle with a little more salt and black pepper for finishing touches. Now you’re ready to enjoy your Paisano’s Butcher Shop meats with the whole family!