Paisanos Oven & Grill Sauce is Available Now!

Paisanos Original Oven & Grill Sauce is everything you need in the kitchen! Packed with Smoky & Tangy flavor and just the right amount of heat, you won't find a more perfect sauce for grilling, marinating, dipping, and more. Pair Paisanos Oven & Grill sauce with your choice of any...

How To Properly Season Your Meat

If you ever had to second guess what “season to taste” really means, how much salt is enough, do you season both sides, your friends here at Paisano’s are here to help!

What Makes Dry-Aged Beef Different?

When you hear the term “dry aged beef”, your mind immediately goes to larger price tags. Since the prices on these steaks is higher than your regular steak, it must taste better right?

Guide To Cooking Temperatures

When cooking with your favorite Paisano’s raw meat and poultry purchases, it is important to make sure that it’s always cooked to a safe minimum internal temperature.