Santa Lucia Natural Water 1L


Santa Lucia

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On the northeastern slope at 1200 meters above sea level, in a protected zone rich in vegetation, there are two mineral water springs – pure, fresh, purifying and light, with just the right mineral content. These springs were well-known in ancient times and in the Middle Ages as a place for rest and refreshment, and became a point of reference for the pilgrims who crossed the Italian peninsula to reach Rome. The creation of the Parco delle Fonti di Santa Lucia (St. Lucia Springs Park) and the choice of the waters suitable to be bottle, required accurate geological studies of the springs area and scrupulous chemical, bacteriological, pharmacological and medical researches on the waters. Once completed, the researches immediately revealed the properties of the water of the spring called “Monte Pizzarotta”. The waters of this spring were then chosen not only for their lightness, but also because they had no contraindications, a very important characteristic for table waters, representing a healthy quality.