Diamond Crystal Salt, Kosher - 48 Ounces


Diamond Crystal

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When it comes to kosher salt, our fragile crystals make all the difference. Diamond Crystal® kosher salt was developed over 100 years ago using a proprietary evaporation process that creates unique hollow, multifaceted salt crystals; fragile enough to crush between your fingers. Unlike other kosher salts, our salt does not use mechanical compaction. The taste is clean with no additives, so it brings out uncompromising flavors in your dishes. The fragile kosher salt crystal shape influences so many of its functional properties, including seasoning control, adherence to food surfaces, a flavor burst when used topically, and its naturally lower in sodium.   

Let Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt be your speed scratch salt solution. The food service environment requires scratch cooking authenticity, but tighter budgets are making that authenticity more difficult. Let Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt provide the menu confidence you need with perfect seasoning control and clean flavor. The risk of over-salting is mitigated with Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt. 

Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt is distinct from other kosher salts because of its extraordinarily light texture and smooth blendability. The light salt flakes are formed naturally, not through granulated salt compaction. You can feel the difference between your fingertips. No other kosher salt is like it.

  • 53% less sodium by volume compared to regular table salt.
  • No additives. Only pure kosher salt.
  • Sticks to food for fuller flavor.
  • Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt is endorsed by the American Culinary Federation