Goya Blackeye Peas 1LB Bag



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Goya Blackeye Peas contain just the flavor needed to help bring authentic southern cuisine to the kitchen. They are number one grade, and each package contains 16 oz of these delicious beans, so have enough to serve the family. These black eye beans are easy to clean and prepare a delicious side dish to complement any meat that is on the table. Each serving of this tasty product contains only 90 calories, so enjoy them free from guilt. They also contain fiber, calcium, iron, and protein, which are necessary nutrients for a well-balanced diet. Add them to beef, chicken, steak, fish, and many other main courses as a complementary side dish that is filling as well as delicious.
Goya Blackeye Peas:
  • No. 1 grade
  • Goya brings authentic Latino cuisine to your kitchen with frijoles Caritas