Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Bone Broth 8.25 fl. oz.


Kitchen Basics

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Kitchen Basics® Original Chicken Bone Broth builds upon 20+ years of stock expertise to deliver a rich, savory Bone Broth that’s full of flavor. Boasting 10g protein and only 50 calories per serving, it makes a delicious, sippable heart-healthy snack. Drink this chicken broth warm as is, or add your own herbs and spices. Our protein-rich Bone Broth with 20% of the daily recommended amount is made from real chicken bones, organic vegetables, herbs and spices. It’s slow simmered to develop a rich, homemade taste and enticing aroma. And its gluten-free, with no MSG added. Enjoy this chicken broth as a comforting, sippable swap for coffee or tea or as an alternative to traditional stock in your recipes. It has a richer, bolder flavor than traditional broth so it will enhance all your soups, stews or sauces. Add a splash to sautéed vegetables or swap the oil in marinades for our Bone Broth.