Natierra Himalania Pink Salt, Fine, Himalayan, Jar



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Himalania Pink Salt, Fine, Himalayan, Jar Super foods with soul. Nature + Earth. This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient. Hand-harvested from ancient salt mines, Himalayan Pink Salt has been thriving in the heart of the Himalayas for over 200 million years. Himalayan Pink Salt is unrefined and 100% natural, and remains today untouched by outside pollutants and impurities. This most pristine gourmet salt contains naturally occurring elements and trace minerals that are good for health - with iron lending the mineral it's pink speckled color! Easy-to-use shakers are great for everyday cooking and baking dishes! Fine Grain Pink Salt's delicate crunch can by enjoyed atop soups, salads, meats and veggies.